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I busted my wife in bed with another man – Briton man based in Kakamega 

Seventy-four year old, one-time millionaire Briton is now living in abject poverty. His life took a nosedive after he allegedly busted his Luhya darling in bed with another man.

Barry Leonard Humber now depends on well-wishers and God’s mercy to make it through life.

He has become sickly as is evident from his swollen legs and high blood pressure. “My wife eloped with another man.

70 year old Barry Leonard - living in abject poverty in Kakamega

70 year old Barry Leonard – living in abject poverty in Kakamega

She has sold all my property. I have been left with nothing. She sold all my 33 acres of land and now she is planning to sell the remaining land to render me a squatter in my own land,” says Humber, fighting back tears. Humber claims he sold his property in England and settled in Kenya where he bought land.

He says that since he was not a citizen, the title deed was registered in his wife Elizabeth’s name. Humber took care of five foster children, one being his and who is a boda boda rider in Kakamega. “I found my wife with another man in my bed.

I was forced to sell part of my land to settle a loan which my wife and her ‘boyfriend’ had swindled. After a few months, my wife sold all my belongings and land, leaving me with nothing,” says Humber who came to Kenya in 1978 as an architect.

“I wanted to leave, but retired President Moi, then Vice President, requested that I “change my citizenship to become a Kenyan due to my hard work and skills,” claims Humber.

He says he was issued with a  Kenyan ID by the immigration department. With his two PhDs in building science, commercial science and special building technology, Humber was not short of work. He moved around Kenya and oversaw the  construction and upgrading of health facilities with financial aid from Germany, Finland and Demark.

Besides work, Humber fell in love with a Luhya woman – whom he says was a cook at the time and whom he wedded in Kakamega’s Anglican Church of Kenya in 1978. Humber now blames his ex-wife, whom he divorced in 2005, for all his miseries.

“I depend on well-wishers and my son who is a boda boda rider, as I am now retire, sick and have no money to cater for my treatment. All I want is the Kenyan government to help me get back my land and justice be done,” Humber said. His daughter-in-law, Hellen Lusinya, said that indeed Humber’s ex-wife mistreated him after selling his land and other property.
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