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No Going Home: Summit Delegates To Be Confined In Hotels During Obama’s Visit

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit attendants, which will also be attended by US President Barack Obama, will not be allowed to go home during the 3-day event for security purposes.

The estimated 3,000 participants, including journalists and entrepreneurs, are to be booked in hotels in Nairobi secured and monitored by state security from July 23 to 26, 2015.

“Imagine if everyone was allowed to come from his or her home and make it to the venue on their own… It will also pose a security challenge, but at least when you have delegates in one place it will be easier to monitor them,” The Starquotes one of the delegates.The report states that all the 800 journalists will be booked in one hotel secured by the US Secret Service and Kenyan security officials while delegates will be in other confined facilities.

Obama will be accompanied by President Uhuru Kenyatta to the Summit at the United Nations Complex in Gigiri on July 25.

Manoa Esipisu, State House spokesman, told Nairobi residents to expect disruption during Obama’s visit but gave an assurance that there will be no of total lockdown to the president’s security.

Image: ABC News

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