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Moses Kuria apologises as Kenyans call for his arrest over NYS video

Kenyans on social media have reacted with fury to an online video clip showing Gatundu MP Moses Kuria inciting his constituents to slash politicians opposed to the National Youth Service (NYS) projects.

The Twitter and Facebook users want Mr Kuria, who is not new to controversy, arrested and prosecuted, saying his utterances could easily cause youth to take arms against one another.

In the footage, the lawmaker, who is already facing hate-speech charges, speaks in his native Gikuyu language and says “those pangas are not just for cutting grass. Someone like that (opposed to the NYS programme), you first prune him and finish him”.


He says NYS personnel in Gatundu are his militia to guard the “development projects being spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and myself”.

Under the hash tag #ArrestMosesKuria, which was trending online on Tuesday and Wednesday, angry Kenyans said the politician should face the law.

“Everything in Kenya is made a struggle by our politicians. Even implementing a simple law is a struggle. #ArrestMosesKuria,” said @MagazetiniKenya on Twitter.

Josephine Kogweno, tweeting as ‏@JKogweno, said “@UKenyatta, we don’t need tribal war at a time when we have the best opportunity to market Kenya to the world #GES2015Kenya #ArrestMosesKuria”.

Kenyans on Twitter called upon the authorities to issue a warrant of arrest against the politician, saying he should be charged with incitement and hate speech.


@Shujaamentality, in what seemed to be a letter addressed to law enforcers, asked the authorities to deliver Mr Kuria immediately to the nearest police station to be dealt with accordingly.

“Kenya is under siege, from insolent leaders, rotten leaders, failed institutions and an indifferent citizenry,” said @MagazetiniKenya.

Mr Kuria on Wednesday apologised for the statements that were broadcast on Tuesday, saying he did not incite anybody.

He told journalists in Nairobi that he had no regrets for uttering the statements that bordered on incitement, as judged by Kenyans on social media.

“I only regret that they were misconstrued,” he said.

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