On Monday afternoon was rather preoccupied with a lot of Bee-hive activities in relation to the official Launch of the BBI report. It was at this Launch that the president urged Kenyans that they must not shy away from addressing a very sensitive issue such as tribalism.

“Our main purpose is to ensure unity in our diversity. There are issues that we consistently shy away from because we dont want to own up to certain things but the truth of the matter is we are all a tribal society, We want to get away from it but that’s what we are”.

The president further admitted that he has been part and parcel of the negative politics and every other National leader should as well own up to the fact that they have been part and parcel of this mess. The president also observed that our leaders always pretend to be one but when the time of election nears they all switch to vernacular and push negative politics. He insisted in order to have a unified country we must change the cycle so that our politics is positive driven.

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